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I've written a lot of guides, some of which have been updated over the years. The ones on GameFAQS are always up-to-date, but the ones on other websites might not be.

So I set up this page, which contains all the guides I've written, along with the date of the most recent update for that guide! If it turns out you find an outdated copy of one of my guides on a website, let the webmaster know about it!

This list was last updated December 2020.

And if you're interested in video game guides, I've actually written several columns about video game guides. Check that out for video game fun, and information about writing guides.

But enough talk, here's the list you're looking for. All of these guides were written in the 2000's:

Name of GameDate of Most Recent Guide
2 Minute Mysteries: Anniversary7/4/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Concealed Weapon7/6/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Garage7/4/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Guilty or Not?7/6/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Password7/4/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Ransom7/6/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Staircase7/6/12
2 Minute Mysteries: The Bank Robber6/29/12
2 Minute Mysteries: The Chase7/6/12
2 Minute Mysteries: Witness or Murderer7/4/12
4 Elements
The 39 Clues: Vesper Hunt10/20/12
The 7th Guest (iOS)9/17/12
999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors12/11/12
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth5/3/11
Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas6/9/02
The Adventures of Willy Beamish5/7/11
Age of Engima: Secret of the Sixth Ghost7/7/12
Alternate Endings8/17/12
Athena (full)11/17/03
Athena (level one) 5/27/02
Athena (level two) 5/27/02
Aviary Attorney1/7/16
Awakening: The Dreamless Castle1/4/13
Awakening 2: Moonfell Wood3/25/13
Awakening 3: The Goblin Kingdom6/19/12
Awakening 4: The Skyward Castle7/23/14
Azada: Ancient Magic4/2/13
Azada: In Libro8/21/13
Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 110/13/11
Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 21/3/12
Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 33/29/12
Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 43/29/12
Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 57/3/11
Barbie (part one)10/18/03
Barbie (part two)10/18/03
Barbie (part three) 10/18/03
Barbie as Sleeping Beauty12/17/20
Be My Celebrity Darling for Gree
Be My Princess for Gree
Beauty Lawyer Victoria12/4/12
The Blackwell Convergence7/13/13
The Blackwell Deception10/18/11
The Blackwell Legacy6/3/13
Blackwell Unbound6/4/13
Big Bird's Hide and Speak 5/22/03
Big Nose the Caveman 5/2/03
Boku Dracula Kun 9/13/06
Botanica: Into the Unknown1/10/15
The Book of Legends12/18/12
BurgerTime 8/5/02
Carol Reed: The Birdwatcher12/16/20
Carol Reed: Quarantine Diary1/11/21
Cause of Death8/1/13
Cherry Tree High Comedy Club11/9/12
Choice of the Dragon8/1/13
Chuck's Challenge6/9/14
CIMA: The Enemy11/28/04
CIMA: The Enemy (Boss FAQ)11/28/04
Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel3/11/13
Death Under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel6/4/13
Deja Vu10/18/03
Deja Vu I and II3/8/04
Detective Barbie 2: The Vacation Mystery4/15/16
Difference Detective4/19/09
Dream Chronicles: The Endless Slumber9/17/12
Duck Tales (NES) 1/2/03
Duck Tales Two (NES)8/5/09
Duck Tales Two (Gameboy)9/5/09
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout9/11/12
Emerald City Confidential2/4/12
The Empire Strikes Back 10/20/02
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Shop Guide10/19/03
Fire Emblem Gaiden10/23/07
Fire Emblem Gaiden (Lost Woods Map)8/30/03
Fire Emblem Gaiden (Plot Guide)11/1/03
Freddi Fish and the Stolen Conch Shell12/18/12
Garfield Tycoon4/30/14
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective11/30/12
The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle1/4/18
Grim Fašade: The Cost of Jealousy11/21/14
Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks5/29/11
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)3/23/03
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu7/30/02
Jungle Book5/18/02
King of Kings7/13/02
Krusty's Funhouse5/21/04
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room8/14/13
Law & Order Legacies7/31/12
Left in the Dark: No One on Board12/9/14
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Quote FAQ10/16/02
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Quote FAQ10/28/02
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess1/3/08
Living Legends Remastered: Frozen Beauty1/27/21
Love Academy7/31/14
Love and Death: Bitten8/13/12
Love Chronicles: The Spell8/24/12
Love Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose10/13/17
Love Sushi Rangers10/11/14
M.C. Kids (level one)4/10/02
M.C. Kids (full)2/15/02
Maestro: Dark Talent3/23/18
Major League Baseball8/1/02
Mario Bros.9/11/03
Mario Bros. (E-reader version)9/19/03
Mario Teaches Typing7/11/11
Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale5/30/11
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge6/25/09
Mickey Mousecapade1/6/04
Mickey's Safari in Letterland5/20/03
Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham6/4/14
Mummy Escape8/11/13
Museum Madness5/7/02
My Forged Wedding: PARTY11/12/14
My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree
Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake1/30/13
Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!4/30/10
Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger4/19/11
Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes10/25/11
Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave5/7/11
Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor4/29/06
Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor (DVD)8/30/13
Nancy Drew: Danger by Design3/9/09
Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island3/4/2014
Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake5/12/11
Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall5/29/13
Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon4/19/09
Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull5/16/13
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion11/23/08
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion (GBA)12/9/09
Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem12/17/19
Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice3/26/14
Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships7/17/09
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock9/19/08
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand4/19/09
Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill12/27/08
Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered11/17/10
Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge6/3/11
Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger12/14/08
Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse6/28/11
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device12/3/12
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park4/24/12
Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel10/26/05
Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy11/23/08
Nancy Drew: The Final Scene12/14/08
Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch1/7/09
Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy7/10/14
Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen5/26/12
Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower12/1/08
Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister7/8/10
Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek (Wii)1/13/10
Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek6/17/11
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy10/22/09
Nick Chase: A Detective Story9/5/12
Nick Chase: A Detective Story (iPad)8/17/12
Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison (iPad)5/7/12
Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison6/18/12
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart2/24/14
Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call2/24/14
Nightshade 9/6/04
NHL Hitz 200311/6/02
The Pagemaster11/8/08
Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside5/10/10
Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark (Wii)5/10/10
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening8/25/04
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet10/1/11
Pajama Sam 4: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff3/20/13
Pajama Sam's Lost and Found7/17/11
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney8/27/13
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All3/9/10
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies11/12/2014
Pocket Politics5/23/17
Popcorn, Soda...Murder?7/11/13
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time9/7/04
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time: GBA/GCN Connectivity Guide9/10/04
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within8/22/06
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy10/29/14
Professor Layton and the Curious Village11/13/09
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box7/17/11
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future8/9/11
Professor Layton and the Last Specter4/14/12
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask8/22/13
Putt-Putt Enters the Race9/28/15
Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon11/30/04
Putt-Putt Joins the Circus9/1/04
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade4/2/05
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo7/8/05
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo (iPad)12/26/11
Putt-Putt Travels Through Time7/1/04
Rampage (killed 12/15/03)2/16/04
Reveries: Sisterly Love8/21/14
Royal Trouble12/11/12
Sesame Street: ABC5/22/03
Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch4/14/15
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena12/28/10
Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis5/18/12
Shall We Date?: Actor to Be4/12/15
Shall We Date?: Heian Love HD4/15/15
Shall We Date?: KONKATSU for Marriage4/15/15
Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince4/15/15
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love4/15/15
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love for GREE4/15/15
Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate + 4/12/15
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Volume I12/25/12
Shivah: Kosher Edition2/21/12
Side Pocket6/9/02
Simon the Sorcerer7/17/12
Spy Fox: Operation Ozone6/20/06
Super Mario Brothers 210/10/07
Super Solver's Gizmos and Gadgets: Best Parts Guide7/12/05
Surviving High School8/1/13
Tiger Eye: The Curse of the Riddle Box9/24/15
Time Hollow2/27/12
Tiny Toon Adventures9/12/05
Tiny Toon Adventures 27/4/02
Transylvania (Apple II)10/20/12
Transylvania (DOS)10/20/12
Treasure Cove9/4/11
Treasure Mathstorm9/4/11
Ultimate Brain Games4/30/04
Wagyan Land 6/28/02
What Happened Last Night?7/9/13
Wheel of Fortune4/8/04
Wheel of Fortune (Gameboy version)4/30/04
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?6/25/02
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of Knowledge9/6/09
World Mosaics2/21/14
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward11/11/12

Gosh, I sure hope I didn't forget a game. That would be embarassing.

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